Business In The Highest Spheres

"Bucharest Landmark" according to Forbes Magazine

Rising 37 floors high, SkyTower redefines the skyline of Bucharest. This powerful new landmark introduces a completely new business office concept, being designed to attract corporate tenants looking for premium quality, maximum space flexibility and innovative architecture at an affordable price.

The tenants of SkyTower benefit from state of the art office spaces with unique panoramic city views and a top floor conference area (soon to be opened) in a prime location in northern Bucharest.

With all it has to offer, SkyTower is much more than a standard A class office building: it is a compelx and versatile product, a live entity that encapsulates a perfect synergy between high standards of technology and soft smart services.

In SkyTower, the space functionalities have been adapted to the needs and requests of each customer. Apart from the custom-made solutions offered to each tenant upon relocation, SkyTower is keen on providing excellent property management services that will improve the quality of life and work of its business community.

Facts & Figures

  • Gross building area: 50,400 sqm
  • Building leasable area: 40,450 sqm
  • Leasable pace per floor: 1.157,70 sqm
  • Ground floor/1st floor restaurant: 460 sqm
  • Building height:137 m
  • Building floors: 36 + 1 (technical floor)
  • Underground parking spaces (5 levels): 518
  • Exterior parking spaces: 23

Benefits for tenants

  • Unique and atipical office shape
  • Natural light for all offices and working stations
  • Building Management System (BMS) that ensures a high level of comfort for tenants, addressing different employee needs
  • Heating and cooling is possible in the same time, depending on the tenants' needs. Heating and cooling are dispersed form separate units: maximum zoning per floor
  • High speed elevators with optimized destination control
  • Solar control glass facade that reduces solar impact while maximizing natural lighting, leading to low utilities comsumption
  • Automatic climate control for all areas
  • Heating and cooling are dispersed form separate units: maximum zoning per floor