Events at SkyTower

SkyTower welcomes April edition of dBh networking event


SkyTower and RPHI are, for the first time, partner for the monthly real estate networking event called Drinks Before Home. NOR - Sky Casual Restaurant was the premium venue of this successful April edition event which brought together, until midnight, around 200 guests.

Raiffeisen Team is awarded SkyTower CUP for the second year in a row!


At the end of the 4th edition of the yearly competition SkyTower CUP the golden medal and the SKYTOWER CUP was awarded, for the second year in a row, to Raiffeisen team! During the award ceremony hosted last Thursday, another former SkyTower CUP champion was awarded. Tinmar Energy team, the champions of 2016 and goalgetter prize winners in 2017, were awarded the silver medal for SkyTower Cup 2018, while the bronze medal went to Oracle Sky 777, one of the four teams of our tenant, Oracle. The golgetter of this year’s edition that gathered 15 teams is Claudiu Zbircea from RZB Rezerve team, winning the golgetter competition after having scored 16 times and being rewarded for his performance with sports retailer vouchers in amount of RON 500. The winning CSR cause this year, Fundatia Inima de Copil (A Child Heart Foundation), supported by Raiffeisen team, was awarded RON 2.000, while the CSR causes supported by Tinmar Energy , Mai Mult Verde (More Green) and Oracke Sky 777, Mia’s Children, were awarded RON 500 each. Starting this year’s competition, SkyTower has decided to also award the non-winning CSR causes with a symbolic award, an initiative highly appreciated among the participants. As a result, the remaining 13 CSR causes chosen by the non-winning teams have been awarded RON 200 each: MagicCamp supported by Istyle, Little People supported by Estee/Sarantis, Hospice Casa Sperantei supported by TSG EuroShell, Concordia supported by First Floor Team, ProVita Association supported by The Expendables, Hope and Homes for Cildren supported by RZB Rezerve, EcoAssist Association supported by Panalpina,Viitor Plus supported by the Tigers 1&1, APAN supported by PFenomenalii, SOS Satele Copiilor supported by Avengers, Merci Charity Boutique supported by High Score Delivery Boys and Seeding Knowledge Foundation supported by APS.

ArtFirst in SkyTower


SkyTower is the 1st office building that is going to host the newest most innovative art project in Bucharest: ARTFIRST. On the 1st of September SkyTower lobby will be the first location partner of a 7 hours art exhibition that will gather works from 10 young Romanian artists. The ARTFIRST Exhibition will close with a silent auction on the ArtFirst mobile application. All those are interested in seeing the artwotk and bidding for it can download the app. from

CSR Days in SkyTower


The lobby of SkyTower Building hosted, between the 19th and the 20th of March, the yearly event called "The CSR Days in SkyTower". The event is meant to bring together as many social causes as possible in order to create awareness among the tenants 'employees regarding the possibility of donating 2% of their income tax to a charity cause of their choice. Also, the employees of our tenants have the chance to interact with the NGOs representatives, to get to know their causes better and to become their volunteers in the future. This year 10 NGOs were happy to respond to our invitation and to be a part of our 2 days CSR fair: Mia's Children, Magicamp, ViitorPlus, Concordia, Plantam fapte bune, Help Autism, Greenpeace Romania, World Vision Romania, ATCA and Hospice Casa Sperantei.

The football competition SkyTower Cup has reached its 3rd edition


The third edition of the football competition SkyTower Cup has brought together 15 teams formed by 12 of the resident companies of Bucharest SkyTower. Each football team has supported a CSR cause, the first 3 winning causes being awarded by Skytower with a donation. At the end of some remarkable games during the 7 stages, the finals were disputed between Tinmar and 1&1 (small final) and APS and Raiffeisen (big final). The winner of SkyTower Cup football competition of 2017 is Raiffeisen team followed by APS on the second spot and 1&1 team with the bronze medal. For the CSR cause supported by the winning team - OvidiuRo Association – SkyTower Building has donated the amount of RON 2.000, while for the winning CSR causes of the 2nd and the 3rd spots of the competition – Seeding Foundation Knowledge and Viitor Plus Association - SkyTower Building has donated each the amount of RON 500. This year competition also had an unexpected surprise: two goal getters from 2 different teams: Lucian Rusu from Tinmar and Catalin Costea from Oracle High Score Delivery Boys scored 17 times each and therefore they were both rewarded with sports retailer vouchers in amount of RON 500.

Corporate Social Responsability Days in SkyTower


Between 22nd and 24th of March SkyTower Team organizes the "Corporate Social Responsibility Days in SkyTower", a CSR fair dedicated to the employees of our tenants. We invite you all to get to know the wonderful people of the 15 NGOs that take part in our event. Their projects relate to education support, family protection, children health and environmental protection. Fill in the form that enable you to donate 2% of your tax income to your favourite cause or choose to support their causes by becoming a volunteer! The NGOs that have joined our initiative are: Concordia, MagiCamp, Little People, World Vision, Inima de Copil, Mia’s Children, Touched Romania, SOS Satele Copiilor, Hospice Casa Sperantei, Centrul Parteneriat Pentru Egalitate, Helpautism, Greenpeace, Seeding Knowlegde, ATCA si Mai Mult Verde.

SkyRun 2016


More than 800 people attended on Saturday, the 23rd of January 2016, the third edition of SkyRun, the charitable tower running competition organized by Bucharest SkyTower. With a record number of runners this year, SkyRun has already become a tradition in Bucharest and will continue to be organized every year. RPHI has become, once again, the biggest contributor to the charitable causes, by rounding up the donations to the amount of EUR 20.000 which have been distributed to the causes of 4 organizations: Hospice, Mia’s Children, World Vision and Mai Mult Verde.



SkyTower Building organized, on the 16th of September 2015, at the 34th floor, a self make-up workshop in partnership with make-up artist Suzana Visan. The workshop was dedicated to the corporate female employees working in SkyTower and it was focused on how to achieve an elegant, discreet and fast make-up appropriate for a day in the office. The workshop put an emphasis on:

  • The stages of a successful, fast, flawless and long-lasting make-up
  • The basis of an impecable compexion
  • The diffent types of skin colors and face shapes
  • Make-up colors and corrections appropriate for each face type
  • The base content for a complete and useful make-up kit



The 34th floor of SkyTower building hosts, between the 2nd and the 3rd of September 2015, “The Visual Conversation Guide”, a photography workshop for beginners dedicated to the corporate employees who own a camera and are passionate about photo art. The workshop, organized by SkyTower building in partnership with F64, focuses on teaching, step by step, the very basics of photography. The workshop addresses the key basic principles that enable a passionate beginner to start creating art by letting go of using the all too comfortable “auto” mode:

  • ISO, exposure, diphragm, thier interconnections and settings
  • focal distance, proper exposure
  • focus types
  • under exposure and over exposure
  • composition rules

SkyTower and IGU have orgaznized a rooftop photography workshop for professionals


Last Saturday and Sunday SkyTower Building was the happy co-organizer and host of an amazing professional photography workshop coordinated by IGU, a famous Romanian entrepreneur and photographer. ( The first part of the workshop was a theoretical review of landscaping photo techniques and it was hosted by Sky Tower's floor 34, while the rest of the weekend workshop was held in open air, on the tower's rooftop. The workshop is the first photo workshop ever to be held at such a height (137 meters above ground) and, due to the breathtaking 360 degree city view combined with the professional skills of the 10 photographers attending the workshop, some very high quality & aesthetics pictures have emerged, as a result.