SkyTower and Nor have hosted the April edition of dBh networking event

SkyTower and RPHI are, for the first time, partners for the monthly real estate networking event called Drinks Before Home.

NOR - Sky Casual Restaurant, was the premium venue of this successful April edition event which brought together, until midnight, around 200 guests.

RPHI and SkyTower have donated EUR 15.000 to HOSPICE Casa Sperantei!

The year of the Romanian Centenary ends with a charity gesture supported by our Shareholder, RPHI, that has decided to donate the amount of EUR 15.000 to HOSPICE Casa Sperantei (Hospice House of Hopes)

For almost 3 decades, HOSPICE Casa Sperantei has provided free palliative care, social support, psychological and emotional care for more than 26.000 children and adults with terminal cancer and other diseases. HOSPICE is the NGO that has brought the palliative care concept to Romania where it had been unheard of until 26 years ago.

Until now, Hospice Casa Sperantei has built 2 palliative care hospitals in Romania and a third one is being built to provide palliative care exclusively to children with terminal diseases.
We, at RPHI support HOSPICE in their initiative to provide comfort, give nurturing last moments and relieve pain to those who need them the most.

Raiffeisen team wins the SkyTower CUP for the second consecutive year!

Raiffeisen Team wins SkyTower CUP for the second year in a row!
At the end of the 4th edition of the yearly competition SkyTower Cup the golden medal and the SKYTOWER CUP was awarded, for the second year in a row, to Raiffeisen team!
During the award ceremony hosted last Thursday, another former SkyTower CUP champion was awarded. Tinmar Energy team, the champions of 2016 and goalgetter prize winners in 2017, were awarded the silver medal for SkyTower Cup 2018, while the bronze medal went to Oracle Sky 777, one of the four teams of our tenant, Oracle.
The golgetter of this year’s edition that gathered 15 teams is Claudiu Zbircea from RZB Rezerve team, winning the golgetter competition after having scored 16 times and being rewarded for his performance with sports retailer vouchers in amount of RON 500.
The winning CSR cause this year, Fundatia Inima de Copil (A Child Heart Foundation), supported by Raiffeisen team, was awarded RON 2.000, while the CSR causes supported by Tinmar Energy , Mai Mult Verde (More Green) and Oracke Sky 777, Mia’s Children, were awarded RON 500 each.
Starting this year’s competition, SkyTower has decided to also award the non-winning CSR causes with a symbolic award, an initiative highly appreciated among the participants. As a result, the remaining 13 CSR causes chosen by the non-winning teams have been awarded RON 200 each: MagicCamp supported by Istyle, Little People supported by Estee/Sarantis, Hospice Casa Sperantei supported by TSG EuroShell, Concordia supported by First Floor Team, ProVita Association supported by The Expendables, Hope and Homes for Cildren supported by RZB Rezerve, EcoAssist Association supported by Panalpina,Viitor Plus supported by the Tigers 1&1, APAN supported by PFenomenalii, SOS Satele Copiilor supported by Avengers, Merci Charity Boutique supported by High Score Delivery Boys and Seeding Knowledge Foundation supported by APS.

ARTFIRST in SkyTower

SkyTower is the 1st office building that is going to host the newest most innovative art project in Bucharest: ARTFIRST.
On the 1st of September SkyTower lobby will be the first location partner of a 7 hours artwork exhibition that will gather works from 10 young artists from Bucharest.

The ARTFIRST Exhibition will close with a silent auction on the ArtFirst mobile application. All those are interested in seeing the artwotk and bidding for it can download the app. from

SkyTower has opened a restaurant at its 36th floor

The newest tenant of SkyTower Building is NOR – Sky Casual Restaurant occupying the entire 36th floor of the building.

With a warm, welcoming color design and unique custom-made furniture built at a maximum height of 86 centimeters so that no part of the view be obstructed, NOR is uniquely located at a height of over 130 meters above ground offering its clientele a spectacular 270 degrees panoramic view over the city of Bucharest.

With a seating capacity of 200, NOR - Sky Casual Restaurant offers his clientele 36 modern recipes of international cuisine.

The opening hours of NOR are from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 00:00 and on Monday from 12:00 to 00:00.

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea moves to SkyTower

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea will relocate to a new headquarters as of July this year. It will occupy the entire 33rd floor of SkyTower, namely a space of 1,157.50 square meters, which was completely adapted to the requirements of the Embassy. The lease agreement was signed for a period of 5 years.

"We have taken this decision because our relocation to SkyTower brings a range of facilities that ensure a high degree of operational efficiency and an enhanced level of comfort for embassy staff. We are delighted that the new headquarters of the Embassy will be on the 33rd floor of the most modern office building in the capital and we are content to remain in the north of the city.”, declared Kim Eun-Joong, the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Romania.”

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea becomes the 23rd tenant of SkyTower, along with companies from various industries, ranging from the banking industry to IT&C, architecture or energy sector. The building’s occupancy rate thus reaches 96%, with lease agreements having an average lease term of 5 years.

SkyTower Open Doors – second edition

SkyTower Open Doors
The tallest building in Romania opens its doors, again, to the general public

SkyTower Building resumes one of its successful initiatives, namely the Open Doors event, opening its doors to the public in the period 30th July – 1st August 2015, between 11:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover a unique space in Bucharest and admire the city from a unique perspective, from the 34th floor of the highest building in the country.

„SkyTower is more than an office building, it is an open space for both the companies operating here, and for the community. This new Open Doors edition welcomes those who have not previously had the opportunity of admiring the building and the exquisite view over the Capital that it offers”, said Ruxandra Grinzeanu, Executive Director of SkyTower Building.

In the previous edition that was initially planned for August-September 2013, but subsequently extended during October, following the numerous requests from the public, about 10,000 people have crossed the threshold of SkyTower building.

This year, due to high occupancy of the building, access of visitors will be allowed only for a limited period of time, following a pre-enrollment process, so as not to disturb the program of companies operating in this building. Therefore, those who want to discover Bucharest from 120 m high (34th floor) are invited to fill in the form available at the following address:

Sky Tower Building is the tallest office tower in Romania, a premium building with class A+ spaces and a landmark in the urban landscape of Bucharest. Since its construction, it became a reference center of the business area in northern Bucharest. SkyTower is at the same time a live, vibrant space sheltering many creative and innovative events with direct impact on community development.

More details on the Open Doors event are available on SkyTower’s Facebook page,

SkyRun 2014

The second edition of SKYRUN, the biggest vertical marathon in Romania organized by Raiffeisen Property International, Saturday, October 25th, raised again like last year 20,000 Euro for equipping and fitting the HOSPICE centre in Bucharest. HOSPICE ensures treatment and care to several thousands of patients affected by terminal or life-limiting illnesses.

The marathon carried out in SkyTower, the tallest building in the country, was attended by professional athletes, corporate employees and everyone that wanted to exceed one’s limits in this towerruning event.
More pictures:

SKYRUN in the tallest building in Romania

650 runners took part at the SKYRUN on 7th December, 2013. - RPHI organized the first edition of SKYRUN on 7th of December 2013. 650 runners aged between 18 and 60 years took part at the biggest tower-running event in Romania which was a great success. Supporters and media people cheered for the participants, who had to climb 680 stairs (119 m altitude difference) starting from the ground floor to reach the finish line in the 34th floor. The fastest runner finished in 2 minutes and 55 seconds. The organizers are very happy to donate EUR 20.000 to “HOSPICE Casa Sperantei” for the completion of a palliative care center in Bucharest raised through the SKYRUN-event. - More pictures:

SkyTower Open Doors

SkyTower Bucharest, the tallest office building in Romania having 37 floors and rising 137 meters high, organized a series of Open Doors events which took place at the 34th floor, each Thursday and Friday between 17:00 and 21:00 hours during the months of September and October.

On Fridays, SkyTower Open Doors event was dedicated to the general public who could enjoy the unique 360° view over Bucharest through the 6 precision spotting scopes, relax while playing Ping-Pong and fuss ball or just enjoy the art exhibitions of photography or painting.

On Thursday evenings, the Open Doors were dedicated to the corporate employees. For them, the floor has also been equipped with Wii Sport Resorts, play station video games and remote control cars.

Visitors could capture this unique experience by taking with them their photo cameras and creating photographic memories with the panorama of Bucharest. Just as many visitors have already declared, the city looks much friendlier and much more beautiful from high above.

Upon departure, each visitor could leave a message for Bucharest in the specially designed message box. At the end of the Open Doors campaign, all messages have been launched over Bucharest in colored balloons. Since the launching of the event series, SkyTower welcomed around 1.500 visitors weekly.

LEED precertification!

SkyTower has received the precertification to the Gold level in accordance to the LEED for Core & Shell rating system!

The first tenants!

SkyTower is complete - 6 floors have been handed over to its first tenant Raiffeisenbank Romania in December 2012.

Topping out!

Skytower celebrates its topping out! The topping out ceremony was held on June 28th, 2012.

36th floor!

SkyTower has reached the 36th floor and is now the tallest building of the city of Bucharest.