SkyTower Card

The benefit of working in SkyTower

SkyTower Building Community incentives

Through its branded access card, SkyTower offers unique benefits to the corporate employees working in the building:

1. Discounts in Promenada Mall shops
2. Access to events organized by SkyTower

The double benefit card
Following our desire to improve the quality of life in SkyTower and to improve the working conditions that we offer to our tenants, we have increased their satisfaction level by offering an unique loyalty product: a 3 in 1 card that provides its holders building access, 10% - 30% retailers discounts (mainly in Promenada Mall shops) and preferential access to events organized by SkyTower building.

The new SkyTower Card comes as a natural step in showing our care and consideration for the business community created around SkyTower Building.

How to find out about the special offers for SkyTower card holders:

1. Follow the link
2. Login with your company e-mail address
3. Click on the “Shop Offers” button
4. Three types of offers are displayed for each retailer:
• general offers (discounts available all year round for SkyTower Card holders)
• seasonal offers (discounts valid for a limited period of time or just during certain campaigns)
• birthday offers (discounts valid only on the birthday of SkyTower Card holder (ID card identification required)
5. Before paying for the products, just show your SkyTower Card to the cashier

SkyTower Card Partners

The partners of SkyTower Card are: Lashez, Vicomte A, Enzo Bertini, Sabon, Ecco Shoes, Optical Blu, Primigi, Contessina, Manoush, Autograf, Rinascenti, Braiconf, Spazio Caffe, Suvari, The North Face, Jacadi, Oxybul, MAC, Chic Ville, Costadoro, Lacoste, Gant, Venchi, Il Passo, Brick Depot, Depot 96, Help Net, Yves Rocher, Murano Glass, Baby Boutique, Stefanel, Octavian Dulce de Romania, Hervis Sports, Dona Kyros, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas and Killtec from Promenada Mall and Polo US (all shops), Laser Maxx (from AFI Cotroceni and Unirea Shopping Center), Nufarul (all selling points), FunScience (Valea Oltului Street), Moving Club, Buchete Delicioase, Autonom RENT-A-CAR, Silhouette Centre de Slabit, Roberto Bravo, Brise, Next, Perfect Nails, Olla Floral Art, Azay, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Marsay, Christian Tours and I Centre