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Tallest building in Romania

Natural light in all working spaces

Top floor restaurant

SkyTower Vision

SkyTower is more than just the tallest building in Romania. It introduces a new business office concept. It is a local pioneer in setting new standards of innovative solutions & design.

It is an emblem of Bucharest’s business environment expansion.


We believe that being bold is not enough to build a national icon. SkyTower has been built on a set of strong values which continuously guide its architecture-embodied evolution: prestige, innovation, flexibility, and security. We take pride in our cutting-edge technology, soft smart services and premium working spaces.


Our aim is to develop a strong business community, stimulating collaboration, creativity, diversity, and unique experiences.

SkyTower in Figures

When taking the challenge to design a visionary office building, we proved that SkyTower is the limit. With a height of 137 meters and 37 floors, the building offers both natural light in all its working areas and a unique panoramic city view.

SkyTower community is made of around 3.000 residents who use a total leasable area of  40,450 with a distribution of around  1.157,70 square meters per floor.

Due to our high-speed elevators that reach a maximum speed of 6 meters per second, it only takes 30 seconds to go from 0 to the 36th floor.  We have 5 floors of underground parking areas offering 518 parking spaces and more than 2.000 square meters of storage spaces.

Our building’s concrete structure goes 60 meters into the ground and is designed to resist earthquakes of over 8 degrees on a Richter scale.

SkyTower Key Features

Solar control glass facade maximizing natural lighting,

Unique air cooling technology

Flexible space design

High speed elevators

Natural light in all working areas

Open source for young artists

SkyTower Video Tour

We are the iconic building reshaping the skyline of Bucharest since 2012.

Fine dining with a view

The 36th floor of SkyTower is host of NOR – Sky Casual Restaurant, part of STADIO Group, one of the most impressing dining areas in the city of Bucharest.

NOR – Sky Casual Restaurant offers exquisite cuisine of reinvented recipes, unique panoramic city views, cosy and original design.

Exquisite Cuisine

Designed for Comfort

Unique City Views


SkyTower receives Covid-19 certification of compliance.

SkyTower Building has been awarded the internationally recognised “COVID-19 COMPLIANT” certification, which indicates an evaluation and confirmation of the effectiveness of the Covid protection measures in place in the building.…

Changes in RPHI operations

RPHI has decided to streamline and slim its operations throughout its countries of operation. In Romania the office will therefore now be led by Leo Forstner (Operations), Bernd Steingruber (Technics)…

When lights and colors meet up in Sky

We are very proud to announce that the RPHI office space at the 18th floor in SkyTower has been awarded with the BigSee Interior Design Award 2021. The RPHI interior…


Where to Find Us

SkyTower is strategically placed at the core of Bucharest business centre, in the northern area of the city.


The rapidly expanding district provides our tenants and visitors with surroundings that accommodate the specific needs of the business community: restaurants, shopping centres, wellness centres and a walking distance metro station Aurel Vlaicu and bus station

Address: SkyTower Building – 246C Calea Floreasca, access from Barbu Vacarescu Blvd.