Corporate Social Responsability Days in SkyTower

Between 22nd and 24th of March SkyTower Team organizes the “Corporate Social Responsibility Days in SkyTower”, a CSR fair dedicated to the employees of our tenants. We invite you all to get to know the wonderful people of the 15 NGOs that take part in our event.

Their projects relate to education support, family protection, children health and environmental protection. Fill in the form that enable you to donate 2% of your tax income to your favourite cause or choose to support their causes by becoming a volunteer! The NGOs that have joined our initiative are: Concordia, MagiCamp, Little People, World Vision, Inima de Copil, Mia’s Children, Touched Romania, SOS Satele Copiilor, Hospice Casa Sperantei, Centrul Parteneriat Pentru Egalitate, Helpautism, Greenpeace, Seeding Knowlegde, ATCA si Mai Mult Verde.