In 2023, SkyTower donated a total of €45,800 to help orphaned, underprivileged, disabled and autistic children

Bucharest, December 19, 2023 – SkyTower, a landmark in the middle of Bucharest, announces that it ends the year 2023 with donations of €45,800 to 4 non-profit organisations, thus pursuing its firm commitment to humanitarian causes that support children.

The 4 NGOs between which the SkyTower donations of €45,800 are split are as follows: OvidiuRo Association, SOS Children’s Villages Romania Association, Autism Voice Association and Climb Again Association. These donations represent SkyTower’s ongoing commitment to support community and humanitarian causes, with a focus on causes whose beneficiaries are children and teenagers.

Autism Voice Association ( is an NGO dedicated to supporting children and young people with autism spectrum disorders and their families. The association provides rehabilitation and early intervention services for children, and the most important project is the Autism Voice Institute, which provides both specialised therapies and research in the field of autism. The organisation promotes awareness and communication about the significance and needs of people with autism through educational campaigns and dedicated events.Bottom of Form

SkyTower donates the amount of €9,900 to the Autism Voice Association to support the development of the innovative project Autism Voice Institute – The First Multifunctional Centre for Autism Recovery and Research. The donation will contribute to ensure the sustainability of this project that provides support not only to children, but also to young adults with autism spectrum disorders

Asociația OvidiuRO ( is an organisation dedicated to ensuring access to education for children coming from underprivileged backgrounds in Romania. Through the donation of €6,000, SkyTower supports the efforts of OvidiuRo Association to prevent school dropout and provide equal educational opportunities to vulnerable children.

OvidiuRO Association‘s activity focuses on preventing school abandonment and ensuring equal educational opportunities, centering on programmes that support children’s access to early education and after-school programmes. In order to create solutions that support the educational pathway of children from vulnerable backgrounds, OvidiuRO Association works closely with local communities and authorities.

SOS Children’s Villages Association Romania ( provides shelter, care and education to vulnerable children in rural and urban communities in Romania, focusing on creating safe and nurturing environments for children, providing them with support and access to education, health care and guidance to give them a better start in life. Since the beginning of its existence, SkyTower has joined the SOS mission to create a safe and supportive environment for children’s development and integration into society. This year, SkyTower has donated €9,900 to SOS Children’s Villages.

Climb Again Association (

Following the SkyRun2023 stair running competition, SkyTower donated a total of €20,000 to the Climb Again Association, thus supporting the association’s initiatives to support children and young people with various types of disabilities, especially visual and neuro-motor impairments.

“Our commitment to humanitarian causes and support for vulnerable children, the youth and their families is a priority for us. These donations reflect our strong desire to contribute to the well-being of the community and make a positive difference in the lives of those who need our support the most,”

– said Ramona Boca, PR & Marketing Manager for RPHI Romania – the company that owns and manages SkyTower.