Leo Forstner is interviewed by Bucharest Real Estate Club

Bucharest, 8th June 2023 – Leo Forstner, Manager Director RPHI Romania is interviewed by Bucharest Real Estate Club for the second edition of the Real Estate Premier League Catalogue, alongside with all the other top leaders of real estate industry.

In 2020, Leo was nominated Head of Participation and Strategic Controlling for Raiffeisen Property International GMBH – RPHI Vienna, as well as CEO for RPHI – Romania, responsible for the two assets in Bucharest portfolio: SkyTower & FCC Office Building.

We invite you to read the two pages interview dedicated to Leo Forstner, plus the complete catalogue of ALL PEOPLE YOU SHOULD KNOW ON THE REAL ESTATE MARKET,  here ➡️ https://lnkd.in/dijNy-U9