Raiffeisen team wins The SkyTower Cup for the second year in a row!

The Raiffeisen team won the 4th edition of the annual SkyTower Cup football competition, the gold medal and the CUP returned, being their second year in a row winning the competition.

The Tinmar Energy team that won the silver medal, while the bronze medal was awarded to the Oracle Sky team 777, one of the four teams formed by the Oracle’s employees.

This year’s winning CSR cause, the Heart of a Child Foundation, supported by the Raiffeisen team, was awarded a prize of 2,000 RON, while the other two causes of the podium teams – More Green, supported by Tinmar Energy and Mia’s Children, supported by Oracle Sky 777, were awarded 500 RON each.

Starting this year, SkyTower decided to symbolically award the CSR causes chosen by the non-winning teams, an initiative appreciated by all participants in the competition – the remaining 13 CSR causes supported by the competition teams received a donation of 200 RON each:

MagicCamp supported by Istyle, Little People supported by Estee / Sarantis, Hospice Casa Sperantei supported by TSG EuroShell, Concordia supported by First Floor Team, ProVita Association supported by The Expendables, Hope and Homes for Children supported by RZB Rezerve, EcoAssist Association supported by Panalpina, Viitor Plus supported by Tigrii 1 & 1, Association of Patients with Neurodegenerative Diseases supported by PFenomenalii, SOS Satele Copiilor supported by the High Score Delivery Boys and the Seeding Knowledge Foundation supported by the APS team.