SkyLove Day celebration reaches its 4th edition

SkyTower publicly releases 1.000 biodegradable red balloons from its esplanade.

Bucharest, February 27, 2024 SkyTower will celebrate the fourth edition of the annual SkyLove Day event on the 29th of February, a date that occurs only once every 4 years.

SkyLove Day is a unique annual celebration that, in its first three editions, was marked by the release of more than 5,000 biodegradable balloons from the 37th floor of the tower.

Now in its fourth consecutive year, this year’s SkyLove Day will see an important change in the event’s concept: everybody can join the release of the 1.000 red balloons, as they will be sent up into the sky from the esplanade in front of the building for the first time.

The SkyLove Day celebration will take place on the last day of the month of LOVE, on Thursday, February 29th, starting with 1:00 p.m.

The event concept includes a theme lobby decoration, a theme photo corner and free cotton candy for all attendees.

The event will also feature a public photo competition called “LOOK AT THE SKY!”.

The best picture taken during the balloon release and posted on social media channels using the three hashtags #SkyLoveDay plus #lookatthesky plus #privestecerul and will win a dinner voucher for two, at the NOR-Sky Casual Restaurant, on the 36th floor of the SkyTower.

The SkyLove Day project continues SkyTower’s promise to establish itself as a source of inspiration for local communities.

SkyLove Day is already a tradition here at SkyTower. Every year, we look forward to celebrating love in our own way, together with our long-term and newer tenants who are sometimes surprised that such a tradition exists in an office building.

We are also pleased with our decision to move the balloon release from the rooftop to the ground, so that more and more people from the public can join us and enjoy our declaration of love to the world.

– said Ramona Boca, PR & Marketing Coordinator RPHI Romania, owner of the SkyTower Building