SkyTower supports early education and donates 60,000 lei to OvidiuRo Association

Bucharest, December 23rd, 2020

Desiring to support early education in Romania, SkyTower becomes a partner for the national program “Read me 100 stories!” implemented by the OvidiuRo Association.

Through the “Read me 100 stories!” program, OvidiuRo aims that by 2025 all kindergartens in Romania will become Libraries kindergartens, true reading islands for children, with the purpose of improving the school performance of children from disadvantaged communities. Literacy level is a solid indicator for school success, in which early education has the greatest contribution.

Thus, SkyTower joins OvidiuRo Association’s initiative with a donation of 60,000 lei, through which 400 children and 20 educators, from four kindergartens in disadvantaged areas, will be included in the project.

Each kindergarten will be equipped with a selection of books suitable for the age of preschool children, and educators will receive books to use in reading sessions and they will benefit from literacy training sessions, organized during 2021 by OvidiuRo Association.

Early education is an essential element in the development of children and in building a healthy society. We are glad to be able to support early education through the partnership with OvidiuRo Association. With the help of books and by training educators, we support access to knowledge, creativity, imagination, and the chance for each child to build his/her own identity”, said Adriana Dragoescu, CEO RPHI Romania, the company that owns SkyTower.

With the support of SkyTower, a total of 1,820 books will be donated: some will be read by the educators during sessions, others will be given to the children, so that they can be read at home, with the family. Weekly reading sessions will be organized in kindergartens during 2021.

OvidiuRo Association’s mission is that every child can benefit from quality early education and thus become an active member of society, regardless of where they are born and the community to which they belong.

It takes an entire village to raise a child“, says an old and wise African proverb. What we have learned at OvidiuRo, during the 16 years since our establishment, is that in the lives of children everyone is important, parents, educators, close family, and the extended circle made of responsible adults and authorities able to support an early quality education.

We are grateful that SkyTower representatives have shown empathy and willingness to support our cause. The children from the four kindergartens generously “adopted” by RPHI and SkyTower will enjoy the wonder of books, will discover with amazement the wonderful world they live in and they will get well prepared for school,” says Patricia Pușchilă, operational director of OvidiuRo Association.