When lights and colors meet up in Sky

We are very proud to announce that the RPHI office space at the 18th floor in SkyTower has been awarded with the BigSee Interior Design Award 2021.

The RPHI interior design project was presented in the BigSee competition by the architects from ArchitectureAll.

What convinced the jury to award us was the unique character of the new interior design on the 18th floor, as described by the organizers –

A unique and outstanding concept for an office space (…) taking care of daylight and open space character; an inspiring and relaxing <> dynamic space able to cancel the pressure of a standard working area and to create a pleasant place to live & work. The fully functional and fully optimized for daily activities office includes organic shapes that generates fluid paths and coherent areas with Curved Glass panels and acoustical performance. A one-of-a-kind design is the Yellow & Black curved wall with its built-in seating areas and multiple hidden storage spaces, that combines both functionality with co-working and exchange of ideas in a distinctive way.

Photo credit: Andrei Tudoran